Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mission of Friends Society

To provide, without any discrimination on basis of economic status, caste, religion, creed or community, a platform and opportunity to youth in general, and university students in particular, to carry out activities that are of service to community, so as to bring about overall development of the youth.

To provide a vibrant common platform for the students of all the Universities/colleges in and around Vadodara, to spend their leisure time in a constructive way, so that their potentialities are enhanced and personality is enriched.

To bring the youth closer to the less privileged (physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, economically, educationally challenged, etc.) sections of the community – youth members of FS provide voluntary services that are of benefit to the less privileged.

To provide exposure and experience to the youth through their involvement and participation in the execution of service projects in the area of health, education and rehabilitation in Baroda and surrounding areas.

To provide exposure and experience to the youth in management of social service programs and organizations. 

To undertake and accept specific projects within the objects & available capacity/infrastructure of Friends Society,  suggested by the donors who unconditionally donate the amount for such projects and Board of Trustees agrees to accept such donation at its discretion.

To involve and integrate the body corporates for implementing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and provide specific schemes, plans and programs which can be taken up under CSR.  

As a Non-Government Organization (NGO), to participate/assist for implementation of government sponsored scheme, to the extent it can be coordinated within the objects and available infrastructure and resources of Friends Society.

To undertake such other activities as are incidental and/or conducive to the fulfilment of the above objectives.       

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