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Through providing opportunities to University students to conduct need based community
service projects, and also organizing special development oriented programs for the
 students themselves, the organization promotes self development of the students through
service and at the same time helps them to become responsible members of the society at large.


The Annual Report for Year 2011-2012 is presented below - Activities are listed under the headings of respective Groups. 

(for primary-level children from lower socio-economic class from neighboring community)

Objective of Youth Club program, started in the year 1978, is to provide supportive
atmosphere conducive to learning and to reduce delinquent tendencies of the children
who are studying at primary-level in municipal schools and some of them are also
school drop outs.
These children belong to the lower socio – economic class from neighboring
community. Their parents are either working as a Casual labour or are Hawkers,
selling vegetables, fruits, have tea stalls, etc.
Youth Club programme held daily in the evening at our campus provides facilities
 for games & non formal education, support in their education. Special focus is on
teaching basic civic habits that are found missing in them.
Children celebrated Navratri at FS campus. Educational trip was organized for children
on 24.04.12 to Planetarium at Sayaji Baug.
Picnic was organized on 17.03.12 to Ajwa Fun World (25 kms. from Vadodara).
These 50 children had time of their life, where they put their hand on every available
ride and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

(for institutionalized physically challenged children)


Objective of Cheer Up program, started in the year 1969, is to reduce monotony of
institutionalized differently abled children. Our volunteers visit a Govt. institution ‘Home for the
Crippled & Blind’ at Pensionpura, Nizampura on 15th & 30th of every month. They involve
themselves with blind & crippled children and have entertainment programs of general nature
with them, teach them art works, play cricket, book reading, storytelling, etc. Festivals such as
Uttarayan, Rakhee & Navratri are regularly celebrated with them.

(for children from lower socio-economic class from neighboring community)

One of the projects run by Friends Society is Balwadi, started in the year 1982, for children from lower
socio-economic class from neighboring community with aim to integrate these children into the
mainstream of the society and foster self confidence in them.
Children come from nearby slums such as Kamatipura, Kalyan Nagar, Shankar Nagar, Navi Dharti.
Children from working class are very few. Parent’s are either working as a Casual labour or are Hawkers,
selling vegetables, fruits, have tea stalls, etc.
The children are enrolled on completing two and a half years of age and these children continue to come
till five years of age. There are two levels at Balwadi namely, junior group and senior group.

Syllabus & Teaching Methodology:

A yearly plan is charted out, on the basis on which the monthly plan is decided. However, each day’s
planning is kept in mind while teaching so that targets are regularly met.
Balwadi’s teaching methods are in line with the teaching methodology adopted by the government.
However, we strongly believe that it is vital that the child learns about cleanliness, good mannerism and
has base aptitude for textbook understanding as well. These are inculcated in the children with the means
of interactive learning like enacting a story, puppet show, reading out to the children, recitation of nursery
rhymes and various activities that help us achieve this. Knowing the basics of language and mathematics
is one thing but here we also give equal importance to general knowledge as we consider it to be very
important for a child’s overall development. To enhance every child’s general knowledge we adapt
various techniques to familiarize then with names of fruits, vegetables, birds, food grains/pulses etc.
Watching and listening are also given due weightage, the idea behind this is to gauge how well can a child
absorb/learn through these techniques. For listening abilities, we play the nursery rhymes on tape
recorders while the children listen and learn these rhymes. Every Friday there is a session where the
children are shown Video CD/DVD and asked to identify birds, animals and various other objects that
they learn about, over the week’s time.
Prior to teaching the children how to start writing we feel that they need to become comfortable with
holding their pencils. To do so we involve all the junior group students in certain creative activities that
trains them for writing. These activities include drawing, clay work, colour filling, collage making,
pasting pictures etc.
The senior group children are taught how to read and write alphabets, numbers and three – four letter
words. By doing this we prepare the students physically as well as mentally for getting into Class I in
regular/government schools.

Parents Meeting:

As the children who attend Balwadi belong to the under privileged group, it becomes necessary for the
teachers to interact with their parents and guide them as well. We organise parent – teacher meetings
twice a year, first one in October / November and the second one in March / April. At these meetings we
display all the work that each child has created during their times spent at Balwadi and we also
discuss/educate the parents on topics like healthcare, importance of attending school regularly and various
other topical things that we feel need to be imparted to the parents for their child’s better future.


Right diet is essential for every child’s physical & mental growth and at the same time learning proper
eating habits is essential. We serve them one meal a day and this is also used as a learning exercise to
imbibe table manners, cleanliness habits and respect for food they eat.
A few points that are stressed upon while teaching the children basic cleanliness discipline during the
meal are washing ones hand and mouth before & after a meal, spreading a mat as they sit down for their
lunch, trying not to spill food etc.
Children are constantly asked to value food and not to waste anything in their plates. We have found that
when the children are served food in a group they tend to learn faster and eat all the vegetables, pulses and
sweets without any hassle while they would throw tantrums at home. We also educate them regarding
basic health benefits that these vegetables, pulses and fruits contain. This helps them develop taste for
good and healthy food and enhances their taste buds.
All the children are taught to pray before their meal and only after praying to the God they are allowed to
eat. The meal includes rice, dal (curry), and vegetables and only once during the week they are served
sweets and fries.

Festival Celebration:

The National Holidays 26th January, Republic Day, 15th August, Independence Day and 2nd October,
Gandhi Jayanti are celebrated. On Republic Day & Independence Day, after hoisting the flag, the Balwadi
children put up an action song for the audience. This grooms the children to perform on stage and helps
them fight inhibitions of facing a big audience.
After from these national celebrations, festivals such as Holi, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturti, Navratri,
Diwali, Christmas, Id are also celebrated. During every festival the classroom/premise is decorated
according to the festival mood and flavor.
During Navratri, all the children come dressed in Garba attire and then Graba dances are organised. On
the occasion on Ganesh Chaturti, the idol of Ganesha is kept at the Balwadi premise for three days and
prayers, Aarti and sweet offerings are made to the deity. After completion of the third day, teachers along
with a few senior children representatives go to the near-by lake called Sursagar for immersion of the
Around Christmas, all the children get together and decorate the Christmas tree with great enthusiasm. On
the day of Christmas, one of the volunteer at FS comes dressed as the Santa Claus and distributes small
gifts to all the children. The gifts are not very expensive but they sure bring joy to each and every kid at
Id is another one of the major festivals celebrated. All the children come dressed in traditional clothes –
Kurta Pajama and a cap. They celebrate the festival of Id with immense pleasure.
In this way, various festivals of every religion are celebrated at Balwadi with great zeal and zest.


Home Visit:

The Balwadi teachers go on home visit of those children where they feel they have some deep rooted
issues due to which their performance at Balwadi is not up to the mark and their behavior different from
their peers. When the teachers observe that the child has been irregular in class, does not pay attention to
what is being taught or does not eat his/her meals properly, they take up such issues immediately during
Home visit.


This year the Balwadi children were taken on 01.02.12 around the Vadodara city sightseeing by a bus.
The group started their tour from FS premise that took them to Iskcon temple, Harni Aerodrome and
another temple – Bahucharji. After this they were showed a local wholesale cloth & vegetable market –
Navabazar, Dandia bazaar and Kanderao market, post which they were taken to Nyaymandir (the court
house), Mandvi and Baroda Dairy. Following this, the children were shown ONGC campus and then
taken to Sri Aurobindo Ashram. At the Ashram, the children were given snacks while the teachers told
them stories regarding the various pictures that the Ashram depicted. At the end, children were shown the
Vadodara station, the famous Kalaghoda circle.


During the year, the number of children present and their percentage are as given below:

                                               Boys        Girls       Total

Number                                      34            14           48

Percentage                                77%         85%

Birthday Celebrations:

Balwadi keeps a record of every child’s birthday and on that day all the children sing birthday songs and
wish the child who celebrates his birth. Handmade birthday cards are given to the birthday boy/girl and
the cards are made by the Balwadi teachers themselves. It is ensured that each child feels extremely
special on his/her birthday and all the children are given sweets to relish the celebration of their friend’s

Teacher’s Training programmes:

There are various training programmes organised by Baroda Lions Club Education Trust for Balwadi and
Anganwadi teachers. Our one Teacher regularly attends these training programmes. The objective of these
training camps is to make the teaching easier and faster. They make the teachers aware about various
techniques for imparting knowledge in a creative way so that the learning process does not become boring
for the child and learning is absorbed faster and learning becomes fun.

Future Directions:

1. Involve the parents to strengthen the programmes
2. To organise regular medical check-up programmes
3. Children’s day celebration (14th November) with the parents involvement
4. To identify differently abled children and integrate them with normal children


We conducted a survey in August 2011 amongst the children of lower socio-economic class of
neighboring community belonging to the age group between 6 to15 years. It was found that these children
were generally well behaved.

(for community in general)

Started in the year 1969, Friends Society is running one of the oldest libraries in Fatehgunj area, known
by the name of “Petit Library”. It aims to promote healthy readings habits amongst the community.
Public Reading Room is open daily in the morning from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m., for which there is no
Fees. Leading newspapers in English & Gujarati are available, which are read / referred every day in the
morning by around 15-20 persons, profile of which varies from Sr. Citizens to Youth / Students who
look for employment related advertisements. All Newspapers are retained for 1 month for reference by
readers. Maximum readers belong to the lower income group from the neighboring community.
The Library is run on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday in the evenings. To each member, 2 Books
& 2 Magazines are issued for 15 days, for which annual membership fees is only Rs. 100/- and
refundable deposit of Rs. 100/- is taken.
The Library consists of books of various languages such as English, Hindi and Gujarati. This year we
took a massive exercise to discard books which were in absolutely deteriorated condition. Also, this year
we added apprx. 60 new books to our Library. After this exercise, the number of books and their
language bifurcation is as below :

Books as in June 2012

Gujarati      Hindi      English     Books for Children     Total

    1069          2608       1124                          681             5482

In the beginning of the year, we had around 50 members. To create awareness in the neighboring
community, on the occasion of Ganesh Utsav, street play were organized by our volunteers to put across
the message regarding healthy reading habits. This effort saw our membership increase to 112 members.

(for non – institutionalized mentally & physically challenged children)

One of the projects run by Friends Society is Sunday School, started in the year 1978, for noninstitutionalized differently abled children whose aim is to train them to reduce their feeling of being
disabled, increase their motor abilities, identifying their disability through medical check-up. Suitable
activities are carried out, with a focus on future rehabilitation of the beneficiaries. To the extent
possible, financial aid is provided for medical & education.

To ensure professional approach to activities of Sunday school, we have with us Shri Chirag Choksi
(Special Educator) and Ms. Usha Parmar (Teacher) who has long experience in handling MR
children. We have also availed the expertise of an Art therapist Hemubhai, to teach and impart art
therapy to our children.

Schedule of Sunday School

The Sunday school program runs every Sunday morning at Friends Society campus. Two Matadors
picks up the beneficiaries from respective pick up points and drop them back after completion of the
09.00 a.m. : Assembly & Prayer 11.00 a.m. : Art works
09.15 a.m. : Yoga / Academics 12.00 noon : Lunch
10.15 a.m. : Music / Physiotherapy 12.30 p.m. : Departure for home
To cater to different needs of various children, we have formed 3 groups as under :

Group – I (15 children)

These children are able to do various activities based on observation. Our volunteers only need to
allocate the work and then supervise. Academic goals such as writing in Gujarati and English, their
names and address, Teaching to write numbers in English and addition sums is going on in this
particular group.

Group – II (5 children)

These children understand the methodology for carrying out various activities, however they are
unable to do it solely on their own. Our volunteers remain continuously associated with these children
so as to encourage them. We have begun to work on the goals according to the ability and the current
level of every individual child. General goals being, tracing copying and then writing independently.
Almost all the children require physical assistance in working toward the goals.

Group – III (3 children)

These children although understand the methodology for carrying out various activities, however
they are unable to do it on their own. In this case our volunteers sit with them and do activity jointly
with them. Assorting thing as per shape and colour, using of various teaching material to improve eye
hand coordination and improving the sitting capability with concentration are some of the prime targets
for this group.

Physiotherapy :

10 children are undergoing Physiotherapy.
Activities carried out
Painting and drawing, Origami - Paper Folding, Colouring, Singing and Dancing, Story Telling,
Celebration of festivals, Yoga, Physiotherapy

Yoga –

Initially the students are taught the basic breathing exercises. The children inhale and exhale, practice
eye exercises and limb movements. With guidance the children are able to take deeper breath and
practice voice exercise. In each session different volunteers lead the group so that the teacher could
observe their understanding.

Art and Craft -

To motivate the students to draw something new and encourage them to observe the variety of shapes
around them, the teacher prepares charts of various geometrical shapes followed by simple object
drawing based on the shapes. The sessions start with conversation about the objects such as boat,
umbrella, kite etc and children talk about the same and enact their experience with these objects. Then
they cut the shapes with the help of the volunteers.

Music –

New songs are taught. The volunteers take turn to try and play the Harmonium. More emphasis is
given on memorizing the first few lines. The children repeat the lines with more clarity and the lyrics
are explained to them with more details. We conclude the Music session with dance where the
volunteers and children actively participate.

Lunch –

Now the Lunch session is quite systematic. The children take turns to spread the mats, place the plates
and wait patiently for the meal to be distributed. The children help each other and there is a sense of

Picnic –

This year children were taken for picnic on 26.02.12 to Kabirvad (80 kms. from Vadodara), on the
bank of holy Narmada river. During the picnic, our volunteers singed songs, played cricket with them,
enjoyed boating on Narmada river and visited to Kabir Maharaj temple.
Apart from the above activities, our children participate regularly in Sports & Art competition being
conducted by various city-based organizations and the All Vadodara Special Children Sports Meet
which is conducted by Friends Society every year in December. We are in the process of starting
vocational activities like gardening skills for some of the elder children.


(for normal and special school children from middle class)

Objective of Program for Future Leaders, started in the year 1975, is to organize programs for
school students (normal as well as special children) to enable them develop into socially
responsible, effective & efficient leaders of tomorrow. Specific emphasis is given on character
development of children.
Trip for children of Class VIII & IX of Baroda High School, Alkapuri was organized on
11.02.12 to Adivasi Academy, Tejgarh (100 kms. from Vadodara). Objective of trip was to
provide glimpses of the tribal culture and rock paintings to the secondary-level students to open
new vistas beyond routine city life as well as sensitize them to the differently abled and
disadvantaged sections of the society. During the visit, the children visited Museum & Library
and saw various Educational & Medical facilities being provided by them to the tribals. Later,
children visited Rock paintings (estimated to be 12,000 years old) in Achhala village at Koraj hill
and also attended one tribal wedding.
In the year 2012-13, we are working with Baroda High School (Alkapuri & ONGC) for
organizing overnight camps at Jambughoda forest (60 kms. from Vadodara) and Water
Harvesting Centre at Chosala (140 kms. from Vadodara).


(for differently abled children)

‘Shaurya – A feat of courage’ is an Annual sporting event organized by Friends Society for
differently abled children belonging to different schools in and around Vadodara city. The idea is to
conduct a city-level event where children can come together and participate in various sport
activities as per their physical and mental capabilities.
This sporting event is entirely planned, organized and executed exclusively by our volunteers. The
planning for “Shaurya” starts months in advance. Every year over 500 children from 20 Special
schools participate in this event. ‘Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Fatehgunj’ is supporting us
regularly by providing their ground for conducting this Sports Meet.
This year, XIXth All Vadodara Special Children Sports Meet was organized on 18th December,
2011. Shri Jeetubhai Jhaveri, Founder, Akshay Charitable Trust (rendering yeoman service to the
mankind) & Dr. Virendra Shandaliya, Surgeon, were the Chief Guest. Various events (such as Race
with obstacles, Lemon spoon race, Book race, Sack race, 50 mt. & 100 mt. race, Cycle race, Aiming
the Tin, Shotput, Slow cycling, Finding the marbles, Ring game, Basketball, etc.) were organized in
accordance with nature of disability of the children.
For smooth management of the entire event, the School Ground was divided in 5 parts (viz Ground
A, B, C, D & E). Accordingly 5 groups were made with each Ground having a Group leader and
their team members. Also the participating children were divided in various categories and they
were handed over to various Ground In-charges to enable smooth conducting of the events.
Immediately on conclusion of a particular event, the winners were awarded Gold / Silver / Bronze
medal according to their 1, 2 or 3 rank. Also every participating student was given T-shirt and
Certificate. All the participating children were given refreshments.

Shaurya - XIXth All Vadodara Special Children Sports Meet

(for ladies from lower socio-economic class from neighboring community)

The objective of Sewing & Embroidery class, started in the year 1983, is to encourage self
employment among women and also promote their educational and social development. Batch
size varies from 20 to 30. The maximum women are in the age group of 15 to 20 & they have
completed their education up to primary level.
In this course, 30% of the learning is about hand embroidery and 10% is machine embroidery.
Remaining 60% is equally divided between kitting work, fancy work and teaching over 70 types
of different patterns and design.
We are running Sewing & Embroidery classes daily and coordinate with Govt. departments for
facilitating these ladies to appear for WCGM exam (Women & Children Garment Making). In
this exam, sewing machines are taken by us to the venue of exam. This year 16 women have
passed the WCGM exam, for which the eligibility is education up to primary level.
Around 25% of women in our Sewing & Embroidery class are coming from the lowest socioeconomic
class (i.e. below poverty line). Those who are not able to afford the nominal fees of
Rs. 70/- per month, same is waived off.
This year the women were taken for educational tour to Adivasi Academy, Tejgarh (90 kms.
from Vadodara), where they saw museum, in which the art works were created by local tribals.


(for ladies from lower socio-economic class from neighboring community)

Sewing & Embroidery items -

This programme works closely with our Sewing & Embroidery class. After completing a year’s
training in Sewing & Embroidery the women belonging to senior group work for this project.
They are given remuneration according to the work they do.
We work as an intermediary and provide the Sewing & Embroidery class women a platform to
take orders from outside and execute them. This in turn helps them earn income out of these
Due to low stitching cost, we are able to get orders from outside. The ladies at the programme
are competent to create many things like bags, different types of purses, baby clothes, kurta
pajama, blouses etc.
Every year students from Department of Clothing & Textile, Faculty of Community & Family
Sciences, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, are placed with us. These students bring a
large body of ideas with them to share it with these women; they work together and come up
with creative items that can be put up for sale. This again helps them publicize their work and
helps them earn remunerations.

Beauty Parlour, Mehendi, Artificial Jewellery making and Painting -

For these programme women come from different localities in Vadodara and learn various
vocational courses of their liking. We regularly organize courses in the field of Beauty Parlour,
Mehendi, Artificial Jewellery making and Painting based on the demand for learning in specific
fields. Once we get a batch of 15 women, the course is commenced. After learning from here, the
women pursue these vocations in their own localities, thus helping them earn remunerations. In
the year 2011–12, a total of 11 classes were conducted and 155 women took benefit of the same.

               Beauty Parlour   Mehendi Course  Artificial Jewellery   Makromi Course

No. of                       3                          3                          4                                       1

Total                        46                        46                        45                                     18

Exhibitions at Friends Society campus

We organize exhibition twice a year in our campus itself, in which items are prepared by women
who are a part of the Income generation programme. This is an opportunity provided to them for
displaying their work in public to facilitate more people to place orders in bulk and thus roll the
wheel for income generation. These Exhibitions are organized prior to major festivals such as
Rakhee & Navratri, when demand of such items is very high.

Participation in University Fairs -

During the Annual Fair of Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, we
displayed our stitching and embroidery work. After the Fair, many students came to us to place
their orders for the embroidery work. This has helped them to publicize their work as well earn

(for poor patients of Govt. Hospitals)

Voluntary Blood Donation program, started in the year 1970, mobilizes university students to organize
voluntary blood donation camps at various Faculties and Hostels of Maharaja Sayajirao University of
Baroda, other Educational institutions and Offices / Industries in and around Vadodara. We organize
blood donation camps in association with Nagrik Raktdan Samiti (NARDAS) and Blood Bank, S.S.G.
Hospital. The blood units collected by us are given free of cost to poor patients of Govt. Hospitals. In the
process, our volunteers interact closely with University authorities and Doctors at S.S.G. Hospital, thus
becoming instrumental in dissemination of scientific knowledge on voluntary blood donation to students
and others. We maintain a record of blood donors, who can be approached in case of emergency. During
the year, 2011-12, 13 camps were organized, of which 9 were in the campus of M.S. University. Total of
515 units were collected during the year. Details of camps conducted are as under -

Date                                 Venue                                            No. of Units collected
28.06.11                Capic Engg., Gorwa                                               22
23.08.11                E-Tech, Gorwa                                                       45
14.09.11                Faculty of Science, MSU                                        46
27.09.11                Polytechnic College, MSU                                      36
07.10.11                M.A. Hall (Boys Hostel) , MSU                               20
14.10.11                P.G. Hall (Girls Hostel) , MSU                                15
18.10.11                Faculty of Commerce, MSU                                   24
21.01.12                Faculty of Arts, MSU                                             41
14.02.12                Faculty of Technology & Engg. , MSU                    87
28.02.12                Polytechnic College, MSU                                      70
06.03.12                E-Tech, Gorwa                                                       29
22.03.12                Faculty of Performing Arts, MSU                            16
05.05.12                Narayan Powertech, Padra                                     64

Voluntary Blood donation camps are being conducted by Friends Society right since its inception. Till
June 2012, starting right from the year 1970, we have conducted 432 camps through which we have
contributed 20,018 units to Blood Bank, S.S.G. Hospital, thus being instrumental in saving
innumberable lives. Every year, Friends Society is being felicitated by Nagrik Raktdan Samiti at a citylevel
function for contributing maximum no. of blood units to Blood Bank, S.S.G. Hospital.


(for university students and youths)

Objective of Program for University Youth, started in the year 1970, is to conduct suitable programs
relevant to the need of the University students, aimed at their individual development and understanding
significance of team work.
Training camp for volunteers was organized on 26 & 27.05.12 at N.M. Sadguru Foundation, Dahod (140
kms. from Vadodara). The history, aims & objectives of Friends Society were explained to volunteers.
The camp focused on developing leadership & teamwork qualities among volunteers. They were also
explained methodologies for conducting various events.
In the year 2012-13, series of Talks on ‘Communication skills, Leadership & Teamwork” are being
conducted by HRD specialist.



Contribution of “Friends Society” towards Community Development and
empowerment over the long term

* Created awareness in the area of voluntary blood donation among students.

* Conducted vocational training & rehabilitation of physically & mentally challenged and
slum children. Many of our beneficiaries have won prizes at National level competitions
& started their own small business.

* Created healthy reading habits among residents in and around Fatehgunj community.

* Lighted up the lives of physically & mentally challenged children residing in Government

* Conducted activities to meet the educational needs of pre-school age sociallyeconomically
disadvantaged children.

* Provided health care and appropriate nutrition counseling to pregnant-lactating women
and young children of adjacent slums.

* Provided vocational training to young ladies from adjacent slums.

* Helped school children develop their talents to become future leaders.

Above all, many of our past members, at various places in India & abroad, continue to work
voluntarily with under privileged sections of the society, along with their professional and
family life.

Organisation Details

Established on : August 15, 1969

Regn. No. under ‘Societies Registration Act’ : Gujarat/351/Vadodara

Regn. No. under ‘Bombay Public Trust Act’ : Baroda / F-109

Regn. No. under ‘Foreign Currency Regulation Act’ : 001960029

Permanent Account No. (PAN) : AAATF0312Q

Tax Deduction Account No. (TAN) : BRDF00143D

I.T. Exemption for Donors : BRD/A.A.-I/HO/80G/(110)(89)/2008-2009
under Sec. 80G of I.T. Act dtd. 17.12.2008, Valid 01.04.2009 onwards

Contact Details

Petit Library,
Opposite Parsi Agiyari,
Abbas Tyabji Road,
Vadodara 390 002.
Tel. No. 0265 - 2750629
E-mail :,

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