Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Friends Society Newsletter " INVOLVE " published again, after many years !

Dear All,

We are pleased to present Issue no. 51 of INVOLVE – publication of Friends Society.  It has been long time, since INVOLVE is being published.

During interactions with us, one of the volunteer Dipankar Das came to know about INVOLVE. Since he had not seen any such thing at FS during his time, he was curious to know what it was all about. We shared with him previous issues of INVOLVE. Thus, the foundation was laid for  51st issue of INVOLVE. Since, no other current member at FS had the faintest idea of what INVOLVE was all about, Dipankar relentlessly pursued his desire to publish INVOLVE and motivated others to get involved along the way.  

Dipankar acknowledges thus the contribution of his fellow team members –
Many of our friends became part of this journey, some of them left for various reasons. However, this does not dilute their contribution as their ideas have become integrated in this issue of INVOLVE. However, I would like to positively acknowledge the contribution in various capacities / areas by our members Vrushaly Shinglot, Sampada Deshpande, Neelam Gangwani, Shweta Rohilla, Radha Jajal, Tushar Chauhan & Ashish Bodhe.     

We look forward to your feedback, as this would result in value addition to forthcoming issues of INVOLVE .

With regards,

Anuj Agrawal

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