Sunday, September 4, 2011


Friends Society activities cater to the benefit of different sections of the community:

 A) Hospital patients

B) Differently abled children

C) Residents of nearby slums

D) School students

 E) University students

F) Library for the community

 G) Balwadi - for children from poor families

 H) Income generation and Skill development programs for poor families

I) Blood donation camps for the Hospital

 ..... And many more.

 All these activities are organised under different Groups.

 There is a committee of sudents, which looks after the running of Friends Society and the Group activites - The committe consists of a Secretery, Joint Secretery, Treasurer and Incharges of different Groups - all these are students of M S Universiy. Each Group consists of student volunteers, who plan and organise activities that fall under their Group.

The committee is helped with guidance and support by an Advisory Group.

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