Thursday, September 1, 2011

A new beginning for INVOLVE

Dear Friends

The person who gets an idea is usually the best person to action it ! I had been thinking of creating a blog which would function like FS Newsletter " INVOLVE ".

All FS Members can participate and make it a reflection of  the Ideals and Activities and Achievements of  Friends Society.

The motto of Friends Society - " Self Development Through Service ".

I hope this blog will be of some service to Friends Society, and provide Self Development to members in its own unique way !

Hope you will take this venture to your heart and contribute in the development, enhancement and maintenance of this  blog.

Viswanath V

1 comment:

  1. The intention behind creation of the blog is that it will function like FS newsletter - providing information about FS Events/ Activities that will take place in near future based on FS Calnder of Activities, provide reports on completed activities etc. Organisational newletters are formal in nature - before posting any item or comment, please make sure that it will not in anyway reflect badly on Friends Society - such comments and posts will be removed and such members will be warned and even removed from membership list - IF IN DOUBT ASK - ask before you post. For informal networking between members, please use the FS Group on Facebook.